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ACCFB supplies partner food bank agencies and serves as a referral service for low-income an food insecure residents seeking emergency food

Bags of groceries provided to the needy

Berkeley and Albany residents receieve emergency groceries, families with children receieve a supplemental bag of food

Breakfast and lunch meals for all OUSD students or families, and any Oakland child 18 and under

Breakfast and lunch options for AUSD students and their guardians, any Albany child 18 and under

BUSD nutrition department is serving free breakfast and lunch meals for school children 18 and under

Dinner and lunch provided by more than half a dozen local restaurants for people who are self isolating, sick or quarantined; anyone over 60 years old in any situation in need of food

Doubles the value of CalFresh EBT for purchases of fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, honey, and other grocery staples

Emergency groceries for individals and families in need

Food distribution for families and people in need