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Food distributions to people in East Oakland who are unhoused, needy families, people at risk for COVID who can’t leave their homes, people with disabilities, elderly

Food for Berkeley and Albany Residents in need

Food pantry distributing a variety of produce, canned and dried goods, and other goods as available; and hot breakfast for low-income and homeless

Food supplied by grocery chains, and surplus from caterers and restaurants, to homeless and needy in the Emeryville-Oakland area

Food to day laborers and low-income community members out of work due to COVID-19

Groceries distirbuted to people in need

Groceries for food-insecure seniors

Hot meals prepared on-site (meat, salad, sides, and dessert) and served to those in need

Lunch for anyone in need

Matches a high-risk individual with a low-risk individual who can provide assistance with various tasks, including meal procurement and delivery