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Child bonding/play program

Child development and support services

Consultation about developmental, social emotional and behavioral concerns -Consultation on parenting strategies and resources -Providing information about how to access services for parents and families -Counseling and consultation for parents on…

Counselors are available to talk with parents about their stress and worries parenting infants, children, and teenagers as well as other family stresses or concerns. The hotline is also there for families in crisis, experiencing high stress, or…

Cultural heritage and empowerment; healthy pregnancy, labor, and delivery; nurturing ourselves and our babies; prenatal, postnatal, and newborn care; stress management & self-care; healthy relationships; and celebrating our families

Develop practical parenting skills

Families are entitled to choose either traditional or non-traditional services (including evening and weekend care) in their choice of childcare environment, including center-based care, family day care homes and license exempt care.

Family/child Support services and programs

Family/children counceling, support, resource services

Foster bonding, attachment, social, and motor development in children