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Infant/Toddler family therapy; parenting groups, workshops, youth (6-18 yrs.) counseling crisis intervention services.

Individual, couple, family, child play, and group therapy. In response to the latest information about Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, we will be making some temporary changes at Hively.

Individual, couple, family, child play, therapy, psychological assessment, South Asian Community Health Promotion Services

State of the art facility with a home-like environment; Provides alternative to hospitalization and to help people “get back on their feet.” ; Approximately 30 days or less time frame; ACBHCS’s philosophy is that consumers are best serviced within a…

Child adolescent and adult residents of Alameda County. As our agency becomes increasingly embedded in diverse religious and cultural communities, we are being enriched by the humanitarian values held by these various traditions. We have repeatedly…

Provides services to adults experiencing severe and disabling mental illnesses, regardless of ability to pay. When children and adolescents come to the Psychiatric Emergency Services or Crisis Services, they are referred to hospitals specializing in…

Crisis intervention, mental health w/ substance abuse problems; youth w/ severe emotional or behavioral problems, domestice violence. Parent groups (Span), child abuse intervention (Span), HIV/AIDS, groups re: depression, trauma, grief

La Familia provides services throughout Alameda and Contra Costa counties, with a comprehensive selection of programs to meet a variety of mental health and community support needs.

Both state and federal laws require health plans to provide treatment for mental health and substance use disorder conditions. The DMHC refers to treatment and services provided to treat mental health and substance use conditions as behavioral…

Individual, couple, family, child play therapy, and group counseling. Early Childhood/Infant Mental Health trained therapists available. No home visiting capabilities.