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Clinicians provide assessment, linkages to mental health programs, clinical assessments and crisis intervention.

Individual, couple, family and group psychotherapy; psychological testing & assessment, consultation, medication. Screen for Attention Deficit Disorder. All services on site only.

Individual, couple, family, adolescent, and child counseling, trauma counseling

Infant/Early Child Mental therapy, play therapy, therapy for teens/adolescents, adults, Home Visiting services available (please inquire re: which programs offer)

Individual, play therapy, couple, family counseling, Early Childhood/Infant Mental Health Trained therapists available for families with very young children (birth to 5), parents and step-parent groups

Diversion counseling for 1st time juvenile offenders; trauma/crisis intervention; family and parenting intervetnio following a child abuse investigation

Individual, family, couple, group counseling, alcohol and other drug prevention for youth ages 12-20; medication treatment; crisis intervention; clinical case management. Home visting avilable.

Individual, couple, family, child play, therapy, groups, No Home Visitation services

Individual, couple, family, child play, and group therapy.

Individual, couple, and family therapy, support groups. Early Childhood/Infant Mental health trained therapists available. 24-hour Parent Support & Resource Line. 24-hour foster Parent Advice Line. Emergency respite childcare and positive…